Thursday, April 29, 2010


Love makes some people do crazy things and not in the slightly charming hysterical Say Anything kind of way. Some people seem to really love drama.

Check out the very sophisticated go-go dancer moves about halfway in.

Hurts are coming out with a new album, xing fingers, hopefully very soon. Hurts – Better Than Love

Spring is a good season for listening to the Pixies - well really any time is a good time but just read this funny excerpt from the book “The Pixies’ Doolittle (33 1/3)” that speaks about their track "La La Love":

“It is the jokiest, cutest, dumbest song on the album, an upbeat goof with foxy-lady whistles and a Woody Woodypercker guitar riff that is all about love, love, love. ‘All I’m saying, pretty baby / La la love you, don’t mean maybe.’

“It’s bullshit, of course. ‘There is no love in here,’ Thompson told the NME. ‘Not a drop. I’ve never written a love song. It’s just like an abstract sort of joke… it’s just mimicking a really bad 1950s song, or maybe I should say 1980s. ‘First base, second base, third base, home run’ is a very Shakespearean crass joke in America, a crude joke for full copulation. I’m just being a minimalist as I can, but it conjures up lots of images — well, one image, I should say.’

“This joke — abstract, crass, crude — is a dig at the very idea of a love song. (…) The ‘la la’ bilge is sarcastically embraced as a kind of proof that pop music is by definition repetitive and banal. ‘If the song means something,’ he says, ‘then it’s just to be a wiseass.’

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