Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mary Onettes... or Bust.

I love volcanoes even more now. The Mary Onettes had to cancel their US tour due to the Icelandic ash cloud [sorry to all who bought tickets or have been affected by the volcano]. But now this means I have another opportunity to catch them later in the year as I was about to put myself in the poor house flying 2,300 miles to see them.

PS. Ben if you're listening, brace yourself, HTX will be hounding you again.


US Tour Canceled

We are very sorry to announce that we are forced to cancel our US tour due to the volcanic ash that is keeping European air traffic grounded.

We feel really sad for all our fans who had already bought tickets and for the promoters and support bands who have been advertising and working for the shows.

We would like to thank Ben at Paquin Entertainment and Sioux at Magnum Pr, who have done a truly amazing job.

We hope to return for a new tour later on.

Please contact the box office where you bought your tickets for refunds.

Big Love

The Mary Onettes



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