Friday, July 8, 2016

Mermaid Skin

Summing up my last week: beautiful happy times with Dreamboat, swimming in a salt water pool (like the ocean without the flesh eating bacteria, soft mermaid skin), craft nights and so much new music my head is spinning.  So many updates to follow...just as soon as life slows down.

The Kills cover Fleetwood Mac's Dreams via Nowness... one of my favorite gems but then you knew that already, didn't you?

Oh and there was some sort of Independence thingy earlier this week.  Hard to celebrate with all the madness of late but I did think of you, dear void.

Galaxie 500 // Fourth of July // This is Our Music // 1990

Dreamboat really likes Salvador Dali so I was pleasantly surprised by the synchronicity of stumbling across Kazuhiro Tsuji's Portrait of Salvador Dali just in time to cheer up a sad Charlie on a blue day.  His sculptures really give me vertigo, in the most amusingly perplexing manner.  Be sure to check out Frida Kahlo; it took me several glances to realize those were arms wrapping lovingly around her throat!

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