Friday, January 4, 2013

Fire Heart

An ending and a beginning.  My crush has become my lover and I don't even know if I have the words to share.  Pause for reaction. Words are my life but with her I don't even need them.  We speak and we know.  We feel and we both understand.

My life has come full circle in the most beautiful strangest of ways.  First five years of heartache believing I'm worth nothing and then leaving the Babylon Tower which led me to embrace a life of serenity, grace and love and ultimately the most beautifully kind, emotional, intelligent, foxy, loving, accepting, sexually deviant, sensual human being I have ever met.  I feel so incredibly lucky after so many years of sadness, longing, loneliness, rage and ire to find the person that answers all the questions, hopes, fears and prayers I've embraced and expanded. 

She is, as I tell her often, mon petit cadeau [my little gift].  We wrap ourselves in emotional salt, wounded and healed; a warm bath of solidified faith - speaking the same language; both ephemerally and wholly connected in ways I've only dreamed of.  Our fire hearts astound me with their synchronicity, we both absorb and rebel and I am so incredibly lucky to have met her and am even more amazingly blessed she loves me. Many apologies if I don't spend much time here in the near future but I'm sure you can understand; in fact, I think I can hear teeny tiny hands clapping in applause... all my lovely followers converging to wish me happiness after so many years of sad loneliness.  Sunshine reigns.  Much warmth lovelings.

There are so many songs that my beautiful lover inspires me to hum, dance and share but this one leaves me feeling the most whole, the most shiny.



Colin said...

This news makes me very, very happy. What a wonderful start to the New Year. :-) x

Genevieve said...

Thank you so much darling Colin, it is indeed a happy synchronicity. So much happiness and love - wishing you the same joys and comfort in this new year. xo

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