Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pearly Dew Drops

Whirlwinds everywhere, mostly of my own making as I often caution others  to"Be kind to yourself.  Don't create unnecessary noise in your life".  Meanwhile, I seek chaotic frenetic encounters, hoping to draw the eddies from within to the surface.  Illuminating them in the hopes they evaporate in the bright glaring light of understanding.  Mostly what ends up happening are blinding hang over headaches and bouts of anxiety.  One day I will learn.

Queue Saturday 'morning'... ruminating in pajamas.  It's one of those Houston rainy days, not quite raining, not quite hot... not quite anything.  Balmy, grey.  Yesterday was Dia de los Muertos and also my mother's birthday.  Spontaneously invited to a Day of the Dead hang out hosted by two of my favorite Scorpios, one of whom celebrated his birthday on Thursday and the other who will celebrate hers tomorrow.  I told you I love Scorpios.

No sadness to be found among the yellow flowers strewn along the beautiful altar they created filled with candles and photos of loved ones past, including a forgotten photograph I gave to them awhile back of my mother and I taken only days after I was born.  She's holding me in our rocking chair and has this curious expression on her face, a cross between fear and peace.  The Scorps had laid out cups of water, alcohol, salt and a ciggie for our ghosts.  I contributed a stick of peppermint gum.  We drank wine and spoke of our lives as they are today in a genial braided way. 

Cocteau Twins - Pearly Dewdrops' Drops

Shadows on the periphery, Peace inaudibly whispers her name... closer and closer she approaches.

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