Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On Your Side

Last night some douche bag skinny idiot in white glasses and a shitty faux hawk told me I am not a beautiful person because I wear "boob flattering clothes that are supposed to hide the  *hand to stomach roundabout movement* thing you're clearly trying to hide there but are sooo not succeeding in doing. "  Is your reaction jaw dropping shock?  Because mine was.

Yeah... right or wrong,  I slapped that shit bag in the face and said "don't ever speak to women like that you fucking prick". 

Afterward though, I came home feeling ugly and alone... and it pisses me off to admit it but it turned into a sad woe is moment after all... Hey guess what?  Women have breasts and bellies dammit.

1 comment:

Christine said...

What?! I am so glad you slapped him. Fire is best I think in such situations; far better than my water. You are beautiful! And bodies have all shapes, so don't let this guy get inside anymore. Maybe he read one of those men's mags that encourages men to put a woman down and then see how she ends up being attracted to them (that is a REAL advice thing). No woe though. xoxo

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