Thursday, July 12, 2012

Alive, Alive

It's a pretty safe bet the heat is finally getting to me. Barmy brained and sucked dry by thousands of blood-sucking insects, this will be my excuse for posting this very nostalgic diddy tonight. You have been warned. Don't get me wrong, it's a sweetly perfect twee tune but like so many things in my life recently, though the words make sense and in a way fit perfectly, the relevance is gone. Evaporated into the heat of change. A dear dear friend and I once bonded over the shared experience of often feeling like our heads/minds/brains are only connected tenuously to our bodies/our grounded selves by a string... like a balloon floating high above the clouds. Don't mind me, I'm pretty sure it's the West Nile virus talking.

 Little Big Adventure - Happiest Times

Labrador Records and Little Big Adventure are just perfect for our sweltering nights in the groin of America.

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