Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It Can Only Make Sense...

Whenever the world stops making sense, it is these French phrases that bring it home...

Sometimes I miss my mother and my grandmother so much I can't breathe.

Les Discrets - Song For Mountains

J'ai rêvé de grands paysages verts et d'un soleil perçant les nuages, 
D'une eau pure et étincellante, de l'odeur des bois et de la terre. 
Chaque hiver, j'espère qu'en disparaissant, la neige me dévoilera Ton vrai visage.

I dreamed of grand green landscapes and of a sun piercing the clouds 
Of a pure and sparkling water, Of the scent of trees and the earth.
Each winter, I hope that in disappearing, the snow will show Your true face.

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