Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I'm hungry and this experimental video Flatten by artists Hugo de Kok and Kay van Vree exploring the shapes of flattened food is not helping.  Actually it's quite a charming concept when you think about it... what happens when you squish food??  Let's reduce these obtuse pretentious conceptual art movements to their most innocent base denominator and explore something as simple and pure as curiosity with shapes.  Remember when the sheer joy of creating the perfect curve could consume your brain?  I can't help but delight in that memory as well as think of my infant-self smashing eggs, pancakes, mud and blocks willy nilly just because it felt good.  Or if you prefer, as my coworker said, "It's kind of what would have happened if Dadaism actually did something."

flatten from Kay van Vree on Vimeo.


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