Friday, June 22, 2012

The Business of Crushes

They're called crushes for a reason you know?   Like little commercials for your emotions.

They hit you hard when you least expect it with a momentum typically reserved only for the most zealous of love affairs and like any smitten fool you embrace that fragrant scent with religious fervor.  Utterly intoxicated until suddenly without any warning EXHALATION occurs and you're left breathless wondering What the Fuck Just Happened?  

A little shot of lust and epinephrine... a little brush with metaphysical death... a little tumble down that hill.  So what?  You wake up a little bruised, a little bit of vamp blushes your smirk and you hum throughout the day annoying all your coworkers with your sunny I Just Got Some disposition.

Fever Blanket totally understand the perfect blooming crush weather tune... short, sweet and lovely but over too quickly leaving you wanting more more and more.

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*Writing and formatting blog posts about crushes kids kind of kills my buzz a bit... just saying.  Also crushes really make me want to take up watching lighthouses for a living.  Or some sort of totally hippie endeavor like weaving a couples love forecast on an actual loom or molding their nucleic spiritual corporeal clay animal...

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