Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There's Nothing Wrong With You

So many people I know seem disgruntled with the start of this new year.  Maybe it's because with the start of anything new and fresh there is an expectation that things will change and magically become better than they were just a few days ago?  Death will always be.  Humans hurting other humans and other animals will also be.  People will fall in love and fall apart.  Abstracts, existentials and universal truths do not recognize the minuscule shifts of human calendars.

That heady thought thankfully aside I, once again, am in glorious opposition to the norm.  Ridiculously happy with my fantastic new book detonating atomic bombs in my brain with its genius, laughing at adorables everywhere and welcoming an implacable energy I've not felt in what seems ages.

There is always the other side, the underbelly beckoning with tantalizing danger but for right now, for a few precious moments, the light shines, my heart sings and I just want to spread joy joy joy everywhere like the most delicious sort of metaphysical lubricant.

Talking Heads - Perfect World

Taste this palate pleasing condiment I call Dance Dinner.  Pick a song, better yet pick TONS, open a bottle of your choice and shimmy shimmy shake cook your way through the kitchen.  Satisfy your holy trinity [mind, body, soul]. 

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