Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet Jaynes and Blue Eyes

Ladies, MTFs, Breast Enthusiasts/Obsessed/Curious/Blessed/Cursed there is a fantastically snarky blog called East Side Bride: aka An Evil Club Of Mean Hipster Brides that I absolutely beyond adore.  That adoration increased by leaps and bounds when they dedicated an entire week [plus] to just big boobs [#BOOBSWEEK].  The how-tos of fitting and wearing bras, dresses and of course wedding gowns, since that's the theme of their game.   [Any well-endowed lady will most definitely appreciate this series, I PROMISE]. 

I definitely have no plans for marriage anytime soon, but these witty ladies are always hilarious and plus I just love boobs.  I mean I truly, honestly, creepily, obsessively worship their beauty  [man/woman doesn't matter] because breasts are fucking awesome.

Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane

I typically refer to my epic area as "The Girls" but busty Jayne Mansfield is so beautiful, maybe a name change is in order.  Maybe My Sweet Jaynes?  Here's a funny side story for you: A boy I knew in high school told me about a dream he had where my boobs were blue and that the dream was set to the tune of Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes.  He called me Blue Eyes for the remainder of school.  [He never actually saw them.]  

Awesome photo of Jayne Mansfied via ESB

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