Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Every Fool Gets A Lucky Chance... Or Two

Murder.  Such a heavy and powerful word, but one used with such glib brevity, levity and regularity we [i.e. me] may have forgotten its actual meaning.  People die every day and their culprits are brought to justice [as if there is such an unbiased entity] and without batting an eyelash we think, "Yes, this proper.  This is true".  But now it's personal.  My family, our shame.

How does one wrap your mind around such a thing?  How do you reconcile the person you knew as a child with the alleged deed of today?  Babies killing babies, what a fucking tragedy.  It is shock, ANGER, and an overwhelming tide of pain that consumes me while my eyes and heart weep uselessly at the lives lost and forever altered.  One life lost to death, one to a choice and the living innocents left to bear witness and forever carry this weight.  Are we tragically fated to make contra naturam choices?  Is it in fact our own hand that will always tie the noose or pull the trigger?

Murder By Death - A Second Opinion

I watched you grow
I saw you fall again and again
You'd cut your knee,
you'd start to bleed
but wouldn't let the pain in
You let the dogs bite at your ankles, 
let the sunshine burn your eyes;
But will you just walk away this time?

PS.  To anyone facing a similar situation, a text message is not the appropriate venue to learn of conviction and sentencing of a loved one.  No it is not. Respect your family, respect the dead and pick up the fucking phone.

Photo via lauraunbound

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