Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reason #11

Turns out there are some reasons to like those nefarious social networking sites.  Not very many granted, but today became one of those rare I Like This Blasted Site days.  Today The Chapman Family [remember when I posted about them?] posted a video covering Morrissey's [remember when I posted about HIM?] Everyday Is Like Sunday.

Moody, slow and pretty it reminds me of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and all manner of soft dark things.  With that description, what's not to like??  If you don't, I'm not sure we can be friends.  Kingsley Chapman commented on my post and created instant dialogue; actually he trolled my friend and it's pretty hilarious.

Me: It's slower than the original and very much unlike their other tunes but still so moody and pretty. [X not a peep :)]  
Kingsley:  Why would your friend peep?! Glad you like it though over there in the Land of the Free.
Me:  She hates Moz and The Smiths AND she's over on your side of that big pond. I need you to track her down and school her. Looking forward to hearing the new ep.
Kingsley:  Bet she's not a vegetarian either!  

This would never have happened in my two target bygone eras.  This day,  not too shabby my friends, not too shabby.  For more Morrissey love and tunage, mosey on over to Lazer Guided Melody.  He does my Gay Daddy justice in a way I never could.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me so much of a certain Tindersticks affiliation: You a fan?

And you know that you don't have to advertise LGM in every post? Every second post will do ;)

Genevieve said...

I was introduced to Tindersticks about 10 years ago and promptly forgot about them; perhaps they deserve a second listen.

You know buddy, all press is good press. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth ;)

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