Friday, December 23, 2011

As Fast As I Pick It Up

Tonight chats, so many beautiful thoughts.  About music and its ephemeral relativity, existence, belief, religion, our meaning to those things, our niche in the world, yoga and its most significant influence on journeys physical and otherwise.  So epic and grand, my attempts at summary now would be laughable.  Dear void, you calm me.  But there is something else...

The holidays are so very hard for me and I already feel the claws of grief and loneliness attempting the clutch expedition.  In the last few days, I find myself shrugging my right shoulder with a form of existential Tourettes.  As if this will be enough to keep that demon from clawing its way into my ear.

Like an addict, the meetings keep me sane but it's the quiet paradox that scares me.   An addict can't say no when it's right there.  Did I ever tell you my middle name is Elise?   After Mom died I listened to this religiously.  And then later, even more. This video kills me in the most profound way. 

Photo via eliftanman 

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