Monday, November 28, 2011

Twenty Minutes

Lily pad hop from this to that to this.  Subtract words and feel it.  This is existence, this is happening. 

Henryck Gorecki -Symphony 3:1. Lento - Sostenuto Tranquillo Ma Cantabile

Henryk Gorecki - Symphony 3:1. Lento - Tranquillissimo

Tonight I described my first listening experience of Henryk Gorecki's Symphony of Sorrowful Songs as a journey: curiosity, joy, overwhelming grief, wrap oneself into painful inwardness, an indescribable bittersweetness, confusion, desire, quietude beyond death.  Within twenty minutes.  My friend said, "Within twenty minutes???"  Yes.  Any musician that can do that sans words...  This isn't modern pop lore.  This is.. this is... Stop.  Turn off everything.  Listen.  Hear.

How I can I appreciate anything else?  I'm consumed and ashamed at the thought of listening to anything less elegant than classical right now.  God forbid I hunger for The Stones, right??  Because The Stones, The Doors, Blondie and The Cure are starting to call my name.  Five days of classical... beautiful, poetic, dreamy... so pretty.  But c'mon, ready for something else, aren't you?

[Can it be true?  Have I actually reached my fill of pretty emotional music?!?  Claps hands!!  I'm hungering for something more.  Thank God!  I was beginning to annoy myself, I can only imagine your roll eyes, eh?]

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