Thursday, November 24, 2011

Strange Thanks*

Being told to give thanks.... Groans.  Being told to do anything sets my mind and tongue on fire.   It seems to be on everyone's agenda in my world... say thanks, love the people around you, count your blessings etc etc etc.  I'm not ungrateful, but come on!  To say I have an authority complex might be putting it mildly; unless that authority is willing to play, banter and misbehave in a way that makes sense.  To Me.  Maybe this is why so many famous naughties intrigue and amuse me so much.

Because of and through them I find my kindreds and my humor to wave my flouting hand.  Fuck Off.

Spahn Ranch - Strange Days [The Doors Cover]

In my country, today is the Day of Thanks, and though I have many reasons to say thanks and to some very wonderful deserving people, I reserve the right to say them at my leisure, without anyone's directive.  Save one.  The You Have To Because You Are Told To.  So thank you, ubiquitous you, for introducing me to so many nefarious and delicious ways to say I am Me.  I will not bow to anything other than myself. 

*Waving my I Don't Give A Shit Flag - you feel me right?  It's all a joke, in case you didn't catch the tone.

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