Friday, November 5, 2010

Won't Someone Give Her a Gun

Last night my friend was feeling a bit blue so I invited him over for dinner. Immediately after the invitation I remembered he not only does not like Indian/curry food, he also hates soup/stew of any kind. Which, unfortunately, was what I was making. Oops. Turns out, like the potato soup I made for him a few months back, soup is not the enemy.  Tee hee bit by bit he will love all kinds of soupish third world dishes.  And you know what?

He loved it!  I made red curry with tofu, kale, carrots, broccoli and  sweet potatoes [even though I'm not supposed to eat them, such a REBEL]

"I'm eating tentacles" he says.

We talked about old friends and bands, like Apocalipstick.  JEEZ I've not thought about them in years!!  They were SO britpop.  Me and the lead singer Zach used to "date", like the kind of dating you do in your early twenties when you don't know any better.   Oh you know what I mean.  Fumbling around in the dark only to pretend you don't know each other in the daylight.  Or will I see him at the club?  Will he notice my Jarvis Cocker move? He did actually and he topped it with Razzmatazz [see below].   A man that can emulate Jarvis Cocker in the midst of running a red light deserves recognition.

 Will he even get the ECHOBELLY reference?  [I punished that poor boy for not knowing about that teeny band].  God the video has only 35 views, homeboy never stood a chance.

At the time, I dressed as close as I could to a female Brett Anderson [with boobs] and Zach was so The Hives before they were the Hives [i.e. white or black shirt with a white or black belt and polyester pants].

Damn I'm just remembering when Britpop and polyester actually went together.
Laugh all you want.  I am.

Echobelly - Give Her a Gun

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