Monday, November 22, 2010

The Ballerina Project

There's something about ballerinas I just love.  Their grace, elegance and poise which belies an intense strength and discipline, probably because I have the exact antithesis to a dancer's body.  I'm all curves, softness and klutziness.  Or maybe it's because my mother, despite her Venus of Willendorf pear-shape, would go to dance classes multiple times a week and bat her eyelashes at her dance instructor boyfriend while I twirled and mock-pirouetted in a practice room filled with mirrors and ballet bars creating whole schemes in my head of one day becoming a prima ballerina or champion figure skater.  Yeah that's right, feel free to boycott my blog from now.  It's just that my whole life I can remember choreographing dances to songs, this irresistible compulsion to dance and hum every feeling.

The Ballerina Project started in NYC as a collaboration of dance, fashion and photography against the city's backdrop. 


Christine said...

this is amazing! thank you for sharing and exposing. so taken with the pics!

Genevieve said...

Aren't they divine? Be sure to check out the tumblr too. They're also on FB as well.

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