Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's been a long while since I answered formspring questions, I forgot my password and well, I'm just kind of loopy most days.  Many apologies.

What blogs do you read all the time?
Sheesh, too many!  My google reader is 100+ and every time I pare down, almost immediately I add 5 more.  Daily reads include See Emily Play, Owl and Peacock, The Sartorialist, Street Style, Jen Loves Kev, Orchid Grey, and The Daily What.  What about you?

Do you live alone or do you have flatmates?
I do live alone, unless you include my little puppy Mavis.  Most days she resembles a very dirty black dust mop, because her fur is so silky and floppy, not because she's dirty!  Part terrier, part terror, part 10 pounds of pure circus love.

You have to choose - astronaut or deep sea diver?
Haha!  This question is too funny and too hard.  Can I split my work day in two?  Mornings in space, afternoons in the ocean?

Why did you name your blog crank the shiny tune?
My first post on my blog tells the story.  It is so named because I frequently mistake song lyrics and instead of looking for them, I just make up my own.  I thought the lyrics in the chorus of Bjork's song Crying  were "Crank the shiny tuune.. Crank, I can feel you".  But they're not, though it took me years, literally years, to discover otherwise.

How do you find all the music on your blog?
Hmmm well a lot of the bands I love and have loved for a long while.  New things I discover while reading music blogs.  For instance, say I like this band, I'll find out who their record label is and then start researching other bands they've signed and down the rabbit hole I go.  Myspace is a great place for indie bands, probably the only reason I still go to the site.

What is your favorite color?
All of them!  Though I especially like saturated tones, like prussian or royal blue, brown grey, pinks, mod orange, leafy green and fire engine red.  [Edit:  Lately I've been obsessed with bright almost obnoxious bathtime duck yellow.  Over the summer it was a little overkill, I even found some bright banana yellow sandals and wear them all the time.]  These aren't really the style but the color is spot on!

What are you listening to right now?
At any given moment, I'm lily pad hopping from band to band but lately I've been revisiting some old bands.  Today thus far I've listened to these 3 songs on repeated rotation.

Spiritualized - Broken Heart

If fashion is your trade, then when you're naked, I guess you must be unemployed.

Beat Happening - Godsend


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