Wednesday, August 11, 2010

True Romance


A great way to share uninterrupted conversations: the PHONEKERCHIEF actually blocks phone signals. Brought to you by the clever people at See the video in action at myphoneisoffforyou.

But the strangest thing they have listed on their site is a product called MADEMOICELL. I really don't know how to comment so I'll just leave you with the product description.

Stem cells hold limitless potential for regenerating the human body, yet one of the most readily accessible sources of these remarkable healing agents remains stigmatized within our society--this source is menstrual blood.

Perceptions of menstrual blood distort its beauty. A woman's cycle is hidden, its product disposed of like contraband. MADEMOICELL rejects this myopia, by embracing a future in which stem cells extracted from menstrual blood are used to regenerate organs, repair tissue and reverse disease.

With MADEMOICELL, women are empowered to collect and store their own stem cells with a special medical- grade silicone device and storage kit that is simple, convenient and easy to use.

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