Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Lesson

Not to jump on a trend but I recently deactivated my facebook account because it just seems like a complete exercise in futility and neuroses. Who needs to be a celebrity in their own life? With that kind of logic, why do I even write blogs? Good question, but one addiction at a time, ok? All I can say is that when the temptation of FB is available I end up doing nothing but click click clicking on profiles and pictures. Persons I either rarely see or don't even know because like any junkie, if it's there, I'll look instead of doing other truly productive things, like reading, learning to paint and sew, connecting with live people or consumer internet browsing.

Back to the painting though.. it's a lot harder than I thought and I really admire my very talented painter friends even more. And after a particularly stressful cranky week, when the demon monsters are rattling their cages, it does a body so much good, even more than my previous modus operandi of a stiff cocktail [or five]. So maybe I have a new drug and maybe it's the honeymoon phase, but so far I like it.

PS. Here's a super funny interview with Siouxsie Sioux written I think just after the release of Downside Up. Coitus Interruptus.

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