Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cracking Up

I'm gonna try so hard, no one can fault me.  If I crack up, at least good tunes soothed me down into the mire. Also, I managed to say exactly the right thing today, though it caused some ripple waves.  No sweet bullshit.. just a succinct... "if people are stupid, I don't give a shit". 

And if they have a problem with it, they can fuck off.

The cantankerous CTST is back.  Let's start with some yummy gaze.

Airiel // Sugar Crystals // The Battle of Sealand // 2007
This video brings me so much joy... 

Jesus and Mary Chain // Cracking Up //Munki // 1998

It's a weird thought, one that might not be widely accepted.  One that might even be strange after all the posts I've shared... but I think finally there is no Good or Bad.   There is no After.  Bad things, no, terrible/unspeakable things happen to "good" people and blessings fall upon "bad" people.  I don't believe in Karma anymore.    So, I don't really believe in a God anymore.  We're here.  We live.  We experience.  So that's that.

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