Thursday, October 22, 2015

Someone Stole My Head

Misanthropy is real and with that in mind, I'm not winning any friends this week.  But before all that, take a listen to the most beautiful track below.  Everything Martin and Victoria of Gliss (bandcamp) create is perfection.  Here, here and here as well as their website plus many other instances on various soundtrack platforms on the interwebs as well as all those glorious analog fossils I've created that are floating around.  Did I mention how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE them?? Get used to it.  Your life is better with them.

This latest solo track from the lovely Victoria is no exception and her video for her single Thieves of Love  for her solo project GLCL WLLS  is BREATHTAKING.   I've been playing it everyday... like a petulant child hungry for more.

Stay in touch here for now.

Ignore my rants but definitely run and support this; they're way more important, elegant and lovely than what I have to say.  If you must read on do so in full knowledge that it's completely separate from their amazingness.

GLCL WLLS// Thieves of Love // 2015

My mantra at the moment is FUCK IT ALL. Bad baby is back and she's got no time for any of you stupid idiots (present audience excluded, of course).  Words expelled and overheard in the last seven days.

In response to someone I'm interacting with when they refused to tell me the name of a restaurant they were eating at besides, "a good one".
Me: It's a good thing you didn't tell me which one since I have a dismembered rabbit with your name on it.
Him: Did you bite the head off your vibrator in frustration?
Me:  Yeah and shoved it up the anus of your rabbit for emphasis.

To a staff member:  "Listen here, little girl.  You and your 24 years are too young to tell me why you think my decisions are shit so take your illustrated life chart and suck it."

Interrupting my boss when she said there was a little bit of her in everyone: "But this isn't about you.  I'm not you.  I'm me." at which her response was, "Calm down Crazy."

Overheard in a grocery store, "Is he in therapy?  He should be, he's soooo sensitive.  Like totally really sensitive.  How do you EVEN deal?!".  I may or may not have accidentally pushed back when she drunk fell against me.

In response to these new futuristic and bodacious headphones:   As futuristic as they may be, I prefer my ear shields and black curtains. Sunglasses and headphones are my misanthropic way of saying, "Leave me [the fuck] alone, World. This is my time and you're not [ever] welcome".

Update: As this post was being created, I received a call from my boss wherein we discussed for awhile today the situations that precipitated the above behavior.  Turns out acting crazy actually gets you somewhere.  Who fucking knew?  

With that in mind, a lover I once knew and still adore epitomized a fabulous quote by Groucho Marx.  
 I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member"


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