Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Can I Lick The Crumbs From Your Table?

Early tomorrow I have to be "camera ready" (as my boss demanded) to give a filmed biography of what I think about my job's subject to be used in marketing efforts and other american psycho endeavors.  I'd rather not shower for days, roll around in manure or fecund bio-matter and scream at any onlookers in some sort of madwomen mystical tongued language than pander for the camera.

The whole time I just know I'll be inwardly screaming Delta 5 while my eyes smile and lie.  The lies not being the subject (which I actually have a profound love for) but what the camera's filthy fingers are digging deeper into... that which is fucking mine and moreover, what transpires between me and my fellow humans.

Delta 5 // Mind Your Own Business // Now That You're Gone // 1979

And what does the camera see anyway?  A disfigured soul searching for something greater?  Someone who connects with individuals every day on their journey to something whole and guides them along the way?  No, cameras lie.  It'll see exactly what they want it to see.  Not the truth.

Images:  Unaccredited and open-sourced
Unknown Contortionist 1940-1950s, Two Faced Composition Doll 1920s

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