Monday, September 28, 2015

The Outsiders

 We're beautiful outsiders.  I'm over the moon that my most favorite lovely heart-stopping, throw myself on any stage or before any vehicle or sit in a room quietly absorbing the dull words of any historical muppet about the works of Butler and Anderson and how they came to be in the world and through the speakers of my most mundane life by being played on the actual... brace yourselves... the fucking R A D I O.

Suede // Outsiders // 2015

It's not real, right?  I'm fucking swooning;  never have actually heard a band I like, let alone LOVE on the fucking radio.  (obviously an exaggeration, but you understand) This is a goddamn joke.  I bow down to their guitar and vocals; like serpents around my throat,  Bernard and Brett wrap themselves around those delectable melodies.

My adoration is ridiculous: here, here, here, here, here , here, here
the rest is buried in my analog collection, Suede and Catherine Wheel are everything.

My dearest friend told me about her dream of The Sea last month.  She's the type that brings home finches the day I dream of them.   We are intertwined.  I've never shared this song with anyone but her until today; it's a dream I've had for the last twenty years.

Stark, protective, fierce, hiss.

Suede // By the Sea // Sci-fi Lullabies  // 1997

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