Friday, August 7, 2015

Silver Tipping

There are moments that grab you... just throw you into a place that isn't normal.   Silver Tipping was something we learned to do as we were poor and desperate for smokes in another country.   He taught me the language and I learned the need.  I was shocked to learn how agreeable previously smoked deposited cigarettes could be.   We were young, lost and greedy... hopeful for something but lost in the romance.

Song: Verse I (I forget verse 2)
Sleep today, find yourself tomorrow
Eat today, starve yourself tomorrow
When will you stop,
hiding in the doorway?

Waiting for the train to come
No longing to go home
The girl on the platform
Turns her head away

The clock is ticking
But time stands still
I'm left here swimming
In thoughts again

Left here swimming
In thoughts of you,
No chance of winning
Just an empty view 

Beautiful songs, beautiful memories.  I'm losing myself in the melodies and I've no idea why.   These are songs that were created sixteen years ago.  Acoustic lovelies, presented in honor of a love affair that was both intense, eye-opening, long lasting (in more ways than one) and of course, ill-fitting.

That's a lie.  I hum them to myself when no one is around even now.  I'm humming them often these days.  The melodies are actually so beautiful, it's a shame they were never recorded. 

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