Saturday, July 11, 2015

Expound the Sound

Current addictions:

Soft Kill's LP Heresy, will be released in October.

Tonight's the night, to live your life

Mood Rings // The Line - VPI Harmony // 2013

Everything about Gliss' latest album, Pale Reflections, inspires me.  Gossamer, metallic... dripping with all things GLISS.

I've got a beating heart...

Gliss // Heartbeat - Pale Reflections // June 2015

And some throwback favorites.

Maybe it's crashing down

Empire of the Sun // Half Mast- Walking on a Dream // 2008

We wash it away, this grey
This time is yours and mine
Hear the city sound, see the lonely crowds
This scene is you and me
In the lazy sun, we're the only ones

Suede // This Time  Sci-Fi Lullabies // 1997

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