Saturday, June 27, 2015

Insomnia Hell

Work in 2 hours and I'm in insomnia hell.   No sleep for the wicked it would seem and at this hour there are no beautiful words, only some sort of saggy grey absolutes.

The inevitable happy/sad tailspin after meeting up with the Ex-Lover... what a cliché- the earnest meanderings of the heart.  We've all said them before.  "We were so beautiful and then..."  Remembering it all, the beginning, the middle and the end.  You ignore something long enough, it will find a way to pounce on you when least expected.

Music was such an intrinsic component of our interaction, there is no way to encapsulate it all.  A terrible remembrance of what we were, could have been and the reality now but what else is there to do at the moment?  Once you buy a ticket to Cliché Ville, sit back and let the fun rain over you.

Crystal Fighters- LA Calling

Fleetwood Mac -Everywhere

Lower Dens - To Die in LA

 DIANA - Born Again 

 We all deserve a little drama and leniency.

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