Saturday, June 27, 2015


All the cute tropical garage francais je ne sais quoi you could ask for in this Soko (previously mentioned) sun-soaked music video for French band, Papooz, and featuring her striking lady love, Sasha.

I'll just pretend this is my summer vacation.

“I wanted it to be weird and DIY-looking and a bit fucked up,” says Soko of her video, “Ann Wants To Dance,” for the Parisian duo Papooz. “It's actually my first time directing someone else's video, and I put a lot of pressure on myself.”

Luckily for the French filmmaker, actor and musician, known for self-directing lo-fi music videos and collaborations with Spike Jonze, the tropical-garage duo proved to be laid back subjects. “Both Armand [Penicaut] and Ulysse [Cottin] have that very particular French cynicism and they don't take themselves too seriously,” says Soko. “They were down to play and go on adventures. Which is all I was asking for from them.”

Shot in Greece, the video is something of a love letter to Soko’s model girlfriend Sasha Melnychuk, who stars in the series of lighthearted holiday-themed vignettes.

“Sasha has this natural goddess beauty that is half tragic and half captivating. And because I love her, well, filming her is the most magical thing on the planet.”

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