Saturday, October 15, 2011

Protect Your Quiet Spaces They're Out For Blood

Misguided trusting souls beware!  There are posers and practitioners of facile kindness everywhere and somewhere along the way I put down my rabble rousing racket card.  Now when confronted, I stare blindly with docile fawn eyes.  Staring incomprehension in the face,  pierced by those blazing headlights I confront my deaths head on.  From the ashes, we reap the benefits.

Picastro - Night of Long Knives

Picastro - Winter Notes [* this one's repeat]

Picastro - Mine

Picastro - The Sea Will Kill You

Cooler weather is on the way - welcome after the deathly heat yes, but it always leaves me feeling odd.  Bittersweet and awkward like trying to look directly at something that can only truly be seen peripherally with askance coy vision.  As though one of my past lives has swum from the depths to greet me, these two opposing worlds collide.

Picastro's Red Your Blues is for fans of Cat Power and slow, heavy melodramatic cello snoozecore.  It's a place, a state of mind and one not totally unwelcome right now.  Stay and swim awhile, just remember to leave before your skin prunes. 


Anonymous said...

Never relinquish your rabble rousing racket card - that's my advice

Genevieve said...

And good advice it is - I've applied for a new card, it's on its way :)

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