Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Claw Retraction

Anika - Yang Yang [Yoko Ono cover]

Anika - Sadness Hides The Sun [much love for this one, a cornerstone of last year's winter Vulpine mix]

Anika - He Needs Me [Robin Williams/Shelley Duval cover] Original and so beyond worth it.

Discovered, loved and parsimoniously doled out exactly a year ago, my heart hangs heavy she is playing tonight in the City of Mirrors - my one of many nicknames for a city not so far away but one that sees a disproportionately unfair number of amazing bands that don't meander to this Swampland.   I never shared her because, well, that's my way with love.  Possessive and lion-hearted I have to retract my claws first which is hard to do when the blood flesh tastes so good.  Sigh.  But now, so many claw and tear at the sweet treats, she is no longer mine.  Fine you little beggars, here you go -  feast here and here.

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