Saturday, February 19, 2011

You Know You Should, But You Don't

I don't usually "review" albums, though I've been asked to do so before and I'm sorry I just can't sell my soul and promote something I don't believe in. It's important to love and respect a band first and allow them to become a part of you before you can genuinely recommend them to another person. Radiohead is different. Radiohead is extremely personal.They are sincerely one of my most favorite bands. We're talking core, top 5.  Each album niggled its way into my innards to permanently become part of my tissues.

Radiohead's latest The King of Limbs is positively brilliant if less than pedantic, meaning it's very brief with only 8 tracks [which I know has some peoples' panties in a crawl] but still packs a punch if you're a Radiohead fan. By fan, if you expect something resembling The Bends, then you need to hand in the towel and quit your belly-aching but if you've followed these boys like I have than you'll find very little fault. Excepting one... it really is a bit brief and tries to cover too much ground in too short of a time. As a die-hard Radiohead fanatic, I really do wish there were maybe 2-3 more tracks to cushion the transitions. Beyond that, this should appeal to most fans of In Rainbows and the quieter ballads on Kid A and Ok Computer. In fact, I might call this the Ballad Radiohead album.

I can't really post any favorites because like all Radiohead albums, it really is best enjoyed as a whole though Good Morning, Mr. Magpie, Lotus Flower and Codex have been played slightly more according to my iTunes. Some very nice fellow/lady posted the entire album as a youtube video.  So please stream away to your heart's content, or discontent.

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