Saturday, February 26, 2011

Short Sharp Shock

When panic attacks cluster and invade, something like this always gets me through.  It's time we were comatose.

They're new album Red Heart Brick is out now and here's an excerpt from their myspace page about why it's taken them so long.

They would have been back sooner had they agreed to change their name, as a number of major labels stipulated. ‘I’m not going to change my name for a man who looks like polished fruit,’ remarked Joe Stretch. ‘They told us that it’s cool to seem new. I’m not sure about that. Aren’t many new bands enchantingly crap? Plus, changing your name makes you a phoney, Rich, perhaps. But a phoney.’

The album’s producer, Cliff Jones, commented that, ‘I’ve honestly never met a more sombre bunch of people in my life. It’s unclear to me why they make pop music.’

Of Performance’s 2010 return, singer, Joe Stretch, said, ‘Well, it’s not like we’re ABBA. People don’t necessarily clamour for our return. It’s just the odd email, in fact. But we’re a fuck sight better than half the rubbish that gets on television.’

Guitarist, Laura Marsden, remarked that, ‘Performance releasing a second record is mildly inconvenient for me. I’ve got quite a lucrative cottage industry pinching raspberries from the sides of dual carriageways and making jam. Hanging around Joe Stretch will be annoying. He thinks he’s Salman Rushdie. But I love pop music. I love the band. I try to write a pop song everyday.’

Joe Cross said, ‘I feel the same about Performance as I do about death. I know I have to die. I know I have to be in Performance. We actually make optimistic, upbeat music. But then Stretch moans over it. He tries to make it depressing. He thinks that’s clever, perhaps.’

Performance are a pop band. They’re returning in 2010. They dislike phonyism. They struggle with depression. Expect blood, love and an amount of dancing.

‘I believe in the lyric. I believe that we’re better than other bands, but also that we’re quite noticeably worse. That’s why we’re coming back, I guess. Everything’s a little too cool, pristine. So I’ll sing some songs about my ex-girlfriend. Then I’ll eat Stilton and write some more novels. Maybe I’ll purchase a kind cat. Stroke it for while. Then die.’


Joe Stretch has also written two novels, Friction and Wildlife. With acerbicism like his, I'm intrigued.

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