Monday, January 17, 2011

Amanda Palmer and the Young Punx

I love Amanda Palmer and now she and Michael Pope have taken another step further into hilarity.  The woman is nothing if not bold [for proof just follow her twitter].  Nothing like a naughty crass song about your "map of Tasmania" to chase rainy day ewws away. Her album Amanda Palmer Goes Under is due out 1/21.  Brace yourselves, she doesn't hold back.

Soft and sweet and shaped like a triangle.
Some girls want no shape and they shave it off.
That's so wack, it hurts with the stubble.
walking around look like an eight year old [?]
I say grow that shit like a jungle
Give them something strong to hold onto
Let if fly in the open wind
If you get too bushy you can trim.

Also, stream The Dresden Dolls first album A Is For Accident from their bandcamp. Features collected live recordings from 2001-2003; gems peppered with perfect spontaneity.

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