Monday, December 27, 2010

Turning Stones and Leaves

Everyone has rough edges and we're all on some kind of journey, right? The hope being along the way we smooth ourselves with each rotation and revolution, without just spinning our wheels hamster-style. One of the things I would most like to change is my indulgent hyper-criticism - it's ingrained in this raucous antennae'ed brain of mine to have this running litany of snarky sarcastic overly acerbic commentary towards myself and others.

Normally, I don't believe in resolutions, at least not in a prescripted kind of lemming movement but for some reason my urge for change and mutation is syncing up with the rest of the world. One of my more serious resolutions this year is to embrace more tolerance and acceptance.

I could have been easier on you
I should have been a little bit easier on you.

I also want to learn to play guitar and speak another language [but I can't decide on which one]. Maybe some kind of immersion experiment would help, like only dressing, eating food and speaking the language of a particular culture for six weeks.
This is either genius or madness.

Do you have any resolutions this year?

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