Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Came In With Flying Colors

Last night I hosted an accidental spontaneous party and Love of Diagrams came up on my computer from a mix a friend made me some time ago [thank you!]. It was a pretty big hit and made us stay up that much later.

They remind me a lot of Blondie. By the way, Debbie Harry singing in Spanish? Delicioso!


[free download but be warned it's 11 minutes of Blondie amazingness and ends a little abruptly]


Anonymous said...

how many lies do you tell in one day?

Genevieve said...

People are so rude. The internet and it's anonymity seemingly gives you license to dehumanize and devalue others. The same is true in war. Hand to hand combat is far more jarring than pressing a button and annihilating another country. Meet me in person and say that to my face.

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