Monday, May 3, 2010

Viva Película!

The Latin American Film Festival just passed through the Museum of Fine Arts here and I got to see a gem on Sunday from the projectionist booth no less. Thanks coyote!

Jara of Gigante is my new hero. Sweet gentle giant who has a serious case of shyness and voyeurism but loves metal bands - for half the movie he walks around in a Motorhead shirt. LOVE. He works the night shift as a security guard at a supermarket monitoring videos of cleaning ladies to make sure they're not shoplifting. He becomes obsessed with Julia and starts following her around - internet cafes, monster movies, even to a first date. Charming and also a little creepy, especially when he steals the tube of chapstick she drops and practically asphyxiates putting it on in the mirror - I loved how the director used exaggerated and microscopic film shots to capture the the tension and frustration in the movie. Plus, his expressions are just so damn lovable. Definitely worth seeing.

The Latins just seem to really understand film. Saw this one in 2008 and it really blew me away.

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