Monday, December 19, 2016


I spent the last two days at the second annual Day for Night - a local (possibly soon to be franchised) light, sound and music festival that changes venues every year.  Last year New Order headlined, if you recall. This year it was held in a closed down post-office and warehouse space built in 1962 and designed by the architect who built the Astrodome.

Music acts included Chelsea Wolfe, Lower Dens, Blonde Redhead (who cancelled due to flight/weather conditions), Liars, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Bjork (dj set), Matmos, Arca, Aphex Twin and many many more.  Light and art installations by Michael Fullman/VT Pro, Tundra, Limb, Nonotak, Damien Echols, Shoplifter etc.

I'm completely knackered so my festival stories will have to wait.  Taking today to just absorb the blessed solitude after 48 hours of sensory overload and listening to a much needed palate cleanser.

Lowlife, such a blissful respite.

Lowife // Ramafied // Diminuendo  // 1987 (2006 Reissue)
Also available on: From a Scream to a Whisper, 1990

Lowlife // Wild Swan // Permanent Sleep // 1986

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