Saturday, January 10, 2015

Like the Streets In April

My love for Daniel Knox goes way way back.  See here and here.  I'm delighted that tonight he posted this gorgeous 1930s tune by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields.  Misty eyed and heart achingly full at his lovely, as one recent review so aptly described, "voluptuous baritone".  I'm glad people like Daniel live in the world.

Once April fooled me
With an afternoon so gold
So warm, so beguiling
That I thought the drowsy earth would wake up smiling
But April fooled me then
The night grew cold

Once someone fooled me
With a kiss that touched my heart beyond all believing
But, like April, that sweet moment was deceiving
It was not really spring
Or really love

You were alike, you two
Restless April fooled me
Darling so did you . . .

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