Monday, August 6, 2012

Muddy Waters...

Last week I woke up with this idea for a blog post.  I wanted to call it "Muddy Waters" but had no idea exactly what I wanted to say.  In my mind, I had the mantra vision I always have when things are cloudy in my life.  The muddy stream filled with sludgy silt and with calm, cool, quiet consideration the detritus, the sludge begins to filter away; to settle on its own and what is left is clear clarity; swift clean rushing thought.  I open my 'music' only email and read this from Lykke Li,

You may have wondered what and where I've been and I also ask myself the same but as I may have mentioned before, sometimes answers can't be answered by questions. As the great Alan Watts would say: 'Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.

 Life has recently become very complicated.  How to make decisions if you can't even voice the questions?   This voice, this innerness is speaking VERY LOUDLY but the questions I want to ask remain hidden in the murk. 

Through calm, collective thought, my dear friend perpetually reminds me that the best decisions come through clean water and peaceful sounds.  Listening to this song, I hear her voice.   She says through song, "Be calm, be still".

Atlas Sound - River Card

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