Friday, March 23, 2012

Amputated Lunatic

They swim, one above and one below. The deaths - they dictate all. Her & His towels hanging just so, clean and untouched. To unfurl one means to unfurl the other and in so doing Pandora is allowed free reign. No. No. No. This can never be. There are voices that can only sing in purified spaces by purified souls.

That's the thing though, there is always a vigilant candlelight where Pandora's pulse is a deep drum beat.  Thump thump thump.  She viciously clamors to be heard by lost ears, have you heard her?  I buried those ears long ago but the echoes haunt me always.  I feel them in the words of friends, in the pulse of tunes... and the beat pulls me in.

In silence they should remain.  I say do not disturb the dead but the Dead call me.

Feeding Fingers - Fireflies Make Us Sick

Feeding Fingers - This Isn't Going To Hurt

i love a fucking awesome seance.

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